ABOUT challenger mining
Challenger Mining LLC is a young dynamic gold mining company based in the gold rich
state of Alaska.  Challenger was formed by Steve Attleson and Randy McKinney in 2012.  
Recently Challenger acquired mining rights to 800 acres of very rich gold dredging property
in the Bering Sea offshore of the famous gold mining town of Nome Alaska and will start
production on this property in 2012.  Challenger continues to add placer gold properties to
its portfolio.

Challenger prides itself on being a young and dynamic company with some of the most
experienced, creative and forward-thinking management and personnel in today's mining

Team Challenger has over 93 combined years of successful and diversified mining
experience in:
  • Business
  • Remote Alaska logistics
  • Successful mining permit applications
  • Placer gold geology
  • Offshore gold dredging and open pit mining
  • All phases of commercial diving
  • Large vessel operation, construction and conversions
  • Innovative and cutting edge design and construction of mining equipment

Given how extremely rich this ground has been proven to be and that it is 800 acres in size,
Challenger Mining has a substantial long-term and very rich mining property available to
exploit.  Typical in a chaotic economy, social unrest, high unemployment and in times of fiat
money circulation, as we presently have, gold has and is increasing in worth as the only
true source of value.

Always remember that gold is not a commodity, it is a currency.